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Improve Your Tomball Area Home’s Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Attic Upgrades From Crossway Mechanical

Properly insulating your attic contributes to making your home much more comfortable and energy-efficient during both the hot Texas summers and the colder winters that follow. Appropriate attic insulation keeps cool air in your house when you’re running your air conditioner in the summer, while it also keeps the cold air out when you’re running your heater in the winter. With help from Crossway Mechanical, your HVAC won’t have to work harder than it has to while keeping you comfortable!

Crossway will perform a free assessment of your existing attic insulation and overall ventilation. Once we have evaluated the current state of your insulation, we will recommend the best options for you to make your home as efficient as possible, ultimately lowering your monthly cost on your electric bill.


Every attic is a unique space with its own unique issues. Your attic could have air leaks, air transfer or just inadequate insulation. The key to solving the problem correctly is a personal evaluation of the situation, which is what our technicians provide any time you call us up.

Once your attic is properly insulated, you could see a drop in your cooling and heating costs of 20 or 30 percent, saving you a lot of money annually.


Another way you can make your home much more efficient would be adding a solar attic fan, that increases the ventilation in your attic space. Powered by the sun, this solar fan works to equalize the temperature in your home no matter what the outdoor climate is.

Proper insulation in combination with the addition of solar ventilation is proven to be a good solution to achieving balanced airflow in your home.

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