Heater Maintenance in Willis, TX!

Heating problems during winter can be a real hassle. Nobody wants to have to deal with unfavorable indoor temperatures when it is 20 degrees out! Here at Crossway Mechanical, we specialize in heater maintenance in Willis, TX. We know that the outside temperatures are getting colder, and you want to make sure your heater is in proper working order.

We offer service agreements, where we will come out once a year for an inspection and tune-up. This ensures that our technicians can take care of any issues that might be developing. If there are any repairs needed, we can take care of those as well.

What is included in the heater maintenance?

The heater maintenance includes inspecting the outside and inside of your unit, looking for any potential fire hazards. We will also check the heat exchanger for rusting or wear, clean dust from important components to ensure proper airflow, check all electrical connections, clear air vents, change clogged filters, and inspect the combustion chamber.

How often heater maintenance in Willis, TX should be done?

We recommend having the heater maintenance in Willis, TX done once a year. This way, any issues can be dealt with before you get stuck with high energy bills during the winter months.

What will happen when you do not get heater maintenance?

When the heater is not checked for issues, you will have to deal with expensive repairs or maybe even fires. These are problems that could have been avoided by just getting the annual inspection.

Heater maintenance in Willis, TX can be done in just hours! We will come out and inspect your heating unit so that it is ready when the colder weather comes. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment! We can be reached at (832) 639-6419.