When to Plan an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Tomball, TX?

Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Tomball, TX

Do you have a plan for when to schedule your air conditioner tune-up? If not, then you should. In this blog post, we will discuss the best time of year to schedule an air conditioning tune-up and the steps involved during a typical tune-up. We’ll also talk about the many benefits that come from regular air conditioning maintenance in Tomball, TX, such as:

  • Prolonging the life of your equipment
  • Saving money on energy costs
  • Increasing the comfort of your home environment

When to Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up: The best time of year to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Tomball, TX is during spring or fall. This allows you enough time before summer or winter when it is most likely going to be in use. If you wait until the middle of either season, then they will already have been working hard and they may break down sooner than expected. During these seasons, fewer people are using their appliances because everyone is back from vacation or done with holiday parties.

In addition, if something were to go wrong at this point, then repairs would not be too costly since parts will still be readily available due to them not being in such high demand.

Typical Tune-Up or Maintenance: As part of a typical air conditioning maintenance in Tomball, TX, the technician will check all types of parts and components to make sure everything is running smoothly and they are getting the most out of their air conditioning unit. First, the technician will start by checking compressor oil levels and inspecting belts for any damage; draining the water from the system’s coil before charging it with coolant; after that, the technician will clean cooling fan blades and coils if needed; lastly, they’ll perform safety checks on electrical connections before putting the sign out front back where it belongs! All this takes about an hour depending on how many systems you have.

Now would be a good time to talk about the benefits of a regular air conditioning tune-up. There are many, but we’ll just name a few:
  • Your energy bills will be lower because your system is running more efficiently.
  • The lifespan of your unit will increase due to routine maintenance and preventative care that keeps it from developing small problems before they become costly ones down the road.
  • Regular AC tune-up will improve the unit’s life expectancy.

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