Want To Know What’s Obstructing Your Airflow? Here’s The Answer

Want To Know What’s Obstructing Your Airflow? Here’s The Answer

If you’ve been following our blog on a regular basis, chances are you already know that maintaining your cooling system is key. You may have recently bought an air conditioner, but you are already facing ventilation and airflow problems? Don’t worry, it’s normal sometimes. And maybe it’s not your AC’s fault after all. Let’s examine some of the potential causes below:

Blocked filters

Their role is to ensure clean air is released from your AC. When your filters are congested, dirt and debris get stuck in there resulting in severe air blockages, which invariably affect the airflow in your home or office. When was the last time you replaced your dusty filter? Make sure to replace them regularly for optimal results.

Poor maintenance

You have your AC set on high, yet lately you have been noticing warmer air coming out of your equipment. This is one of the most commonly faced problems across the board. Your AC is possibly leaking refrigerant causing a decrease in system efficiency.

Your AC Is Larger Than Your Property

A big air conditioning unit is not necessarily the best option for your unique needs. ACs tailored for bigger spaces cannot run efficiently in smaller ones due to extra-speedy cooling which doesn’t allow time for humidity removal. This results in a heavy and stale atmosphere.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat’s job is to continuously monitor the temperature of your home. According to the preset temperature, it regulates the function of your cooling system and quickly lowers the room temperature while ensuring minimal energy consumption.

Poor Comfort Delivery System

Your ductwork is responsible for delivering the conditioned air to all the spaces that need it for your home to be comfortable. Your system’s equipment should be designed and sized to deliver enough heating or cooling to keep your home comfortable at all times. Your duct system must be designed to carry and effectively deliver the conditioned air and when it’s not, you will have hot and cold spots, lose efficiency and shorten the life of your equipment.

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