Tips for Effective Heater Maintenance in Magnolia, TX!

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A healthy, efficient heater is an important component of any building. If you own or manage rental property, it’s your responsibility to properly maintain the heating system. A poorly maintained heater can lead to excess utility bills and damage to your property. Here are five tips for heater maintenance in Magnolia, TX:

  1. Keep the area around the heater clean

One of the simplest forms of maintenance, keeping the area around your heater clean and free from clutter will go a long way to reduce dust and other contaminants. The more you can keep your heater’s intake grates and vents clear and dust-free, the better they’ll operate. Avoid placing any objects near or on top of your heater.

  1. Watch out for corrosion

Poorly maintained heaters can corrode as a result of excess humidity and moisture. This is especially common in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms where there’s high ambient humidity or constant exposure to hot water or steam. The only way you’ll know if your heater is experiencing corrosion issues is through annual inspections and regular maintenance. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and simply replace the heater if there’s any doubt about its condition.

  1. Replace filters regularly

The main reason for replacing your filter is that over time, they become clogged with dust and other particles. Failure to clean out the filter can result in overheating of the unit, which will shorten its life and could lead to a fire. If your heater requires more than one filter, it’s best to replace them all at once.

  1. Schedule heater repair in the fall

If you wait until your heater starts acting up or just isn’t working properly to schedule heater repair in Tomball, TX, you may be in for a tough time. Most heater manufacturers recommend annual inspection and maintenance before the start of each heating season (September-October). Scheduling service early allows you to make sure your heater is ready when temperatures begin to drop.

  1. Look into water heater maintenance

If your property doesn’t have separate hot water and heating systems, it’s essential to make sure you’re performing annual inspections on both types of systems. If either goes down during the winter months (or any other time), you’ll want to act quickly to ensure that no one is left without heat or hot water.

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