The Importance of Heat Pumps in Willis, TX

Heat pumps in Willis TX

Is your power bill through the roof? Does it seem that your heating system cannot keep up with the space you need to warm? We have a solution for you. Heat pumps in Willis, TX, work together like cake and ice cream.

Are Heat Pumps Really the Answer?

Heat pumps work best for older homes and small spaces. New homes with no ductwork or old homes with old ducts can also benefit from a heat pump. Here in South East Texas, we have the perfect average temperature for a heat pump. The ground here seems to take in the heat of the day and releases warm air as it cools down at night. That warm air goes into the heat pump and pushes it through the refrigerant and a compressor that either warms or cools the air in your home.

Is Heat Pump Installation Worth the Cost?

No doubt heater installation is expensive no matter what kind you are installing. However, they require less maintenance so there are fewer extra costs. This type of heater installation will also help to reduce your electric bill by about half when you compare a heat pump to a traditional HVAC system.

Do You Need Heat Pump Repair Services?

Heat pumps are great for our normal high temperatures. However, with the recent winter anomaly, you may be facing some issues. Heat pumps are not meant to deal with such extremities. Heater repair comes with the business, and we are familiar with all forms of heater repair.

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