Repairing VS Replacing Your HVAC System

Repairing VS Replacing Your HVAC System

Your cooling system rarely gets the praise it truly deserves. When everything is working fine, you don’t pay attention. When things start to go downhill, you finally start to notice. Your furnaces and your ACs are responsible for blessing you with impeccable home comfort whenever you need it the most. Regardless of the temperature or the time of year, you can easily switch it on and off at will, knowing for a fact that it will set the record straight and allow you to relax in your home after a hard day’s work.

If you think that everything is working just fine, yet you are still trying to deal with too low temperatures in the winter or too high temperatures in the summer then you know it’s time for HVAC maintenance. You wouldn’t want to replace your whole system when you can fix things for a fraction of the cost, that’s the reason why it’s important to carry out a professional evaluation in advance.

Financial Tip: Investigate Whether Or Not You Can Rectify The Situation With Repairs

Below, we will try to put things in perspective for you by deciphering the main signs that lead to HVAC replacement, as well as things to look out for that may point to a situation that’s 100% repairable.

You Probably Need To Replace Your System If:

  • Your energy bills are getting higher and higher every month. If you feel like you’re paying more for your home comfort than you used to pay in the past, then it’s probably time to replace your old unit with a new one. Sure, as systems get older they are bound to get more inefficient. But if the increase in energy bills is disproportionate then it might be cheaper for you to get a brand new, more efficient unit.
  • It’s already been in use for more than 10 years. All good things in life come to an end, and your HVAC system couldn’t possibly be an exception to this rule. If your system has been serving you well for more than 12 years, chances are it will start to malfunction more often than usual. You could go ahead and fix the malfunction but you are more than likely to be facing a similar issue the next season. As wear and tear makes its unforgiving mark, you need to be able to calculate if repair costs overweight replacement costs.
  • Your system is failing to do its job. In this category we shouldn’t forget to mention any potential safety hazards that you may encounter. In case you feel that some of the rooms in your home rarely get as comfortable as they should be, you’re probably having an underperforming HVAC system in your hands. Combined with the rest of the points mentioned above, system replacement might be warranted. The demands of your home should have remained stable throughout the years, and aging definitely takes its toll.

You Might Just Need To Repair Your System If:

  • You never missed your yearly maintenances. Yearly maintenance is key if we want to get the most out of our system’s expected lifespan. If you’ve always abided by this golden rule, you really shouldn’t have to deal with any major issues or malfunctions. Tuning up your unit in regular intervals, cleaning it of dust, dirt and debris always pays you back in dividends.
  • You’ve thoroughly checked your ducts. Some of the times you might be dealing with duct issues, instead of problems within your HVAC unit. You wouldn’t really know unless you have a trained professional to check your ductwork. It’s interesting to note that 15-25% of air leaks occur even before the air arrives to your home or office. As a result a ductwork check can save you a considerable sum of money.
  • It’s been in operation for less than ten years. Taking into account the age of your HVAC system when you are about to decide whether it’s time to replace or repair is of paramount importance. Industry leaders suggest that the average expected lifespan of a system is around 10-15 years. By this time, it’s probably cheaper to have it replaced than constantly pay lots of money on repairs. Prior to 10 years, you should be dealing with minor fixes that won’t cost a fortune.

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It goes without saying that your best bet is to consult with an HVAC professional before you take the plunge and invest in a new smart HVAC system. Your cooling and heating system sure isn’t one of the most thrilling parts of your home but it sure does make a huge difference on the way you feel, and the way you experience your daily life. Give our team a call today on (832) 501-3568 and restore your peace of mind.