Just How Important Is HVAC Maintenance At The End Of The Day?

Just How Important Is HVAC Maintenance At The End Of The Day?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems exist to provide us with optimum indoor temperature, humidity and air quality. For these systems to continue performing to suit our needs, proper care and maintenance must be carried out periodically. A fully functioning HVAC system will provide comfort at home or work and regular maintenance will ensure it continues to do so year after year, whenever you need it the most.

Long Term Savings

A full HVAC system requires a considerable up-front cost, but your system could last well over a decade if it is looked after. Essentially, the better maintained your HVAC system the longer you will be able to go without having to replace it. It may be tempting to skip proper HVAC maintenance and save a bit of money in the short term, but these costs are negligible in comparison with the cost of prematurely replacing a poorly maintained system.

Efficiency Savings

Energy efficiency is a key factor in the design and installation of any HVAC system. However, an improperly maintained system will be far less efficient than a well maintained one. Lower efficiency results in greater stress on system making breakdowns or other problems more likely. On average, an unmaintained system has to work around 20 percent harder than a regularly maintained one. This means that more energy is used to achieve the same performance, which means more damage to both the environment and your utility bill!

Health Concerns

A fully functioning HVAC system will keep your indoor temperatures comfortable whether that requires heating or cooling. HVAC systems also regulate air quality providing you and your family or colleagues with healthy air to breathe in your home or business. If a system is not properly maintained the level of air quality will deteriorate. An unmaintained HVAC unit can gather dust, mold, and bacteria which will worsen over time and lead to a range of respiratory problems. A properly maintained system with clean coils and filters will keep your air quality healthy while preventing such issues from taking hold.

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