Importance of Scheduling Heater Maintenance in Spring, TX!

To help keep a heater working properly and avoid heating repair, many industry experts advise having your heater serviced once or twice a year. The following are some of the benefits to scheduling heater maintenance in Spring, TX:

Improve energy efficiency – If you’re using your heater as intended, it may be operating inefficiently, which could result in higher costs to operate the device for an extended period. A technician can check that your unit is performing optimally by providing proper lubrication and adjusting belts and other moving parts as necessary. They may also test and adjust the electrical components and tighten any loose connections. This may save you enough on utility bills each year to pay for itself.

Increase safety – A reliable plumber or HVAC service provider will make sure your system is safe to operate. Heaters pose a significant risk of fire and other hazards if the gas, electric, oil, or propane fuel supply isn’t properly maintained. Heater maintenance also means making sure the pilot light and/or pilot assembly is working correctly and that all vents are clear so fumes aren’t released into your home.

Prolong equipment life – The average heater lasts about 12 years with regular maintenance. Without it, you could be looking at costly repairs earlier than expected. That could include everything from replacing worn-out electrical components to repairing broken heat exchangers and blower motors. If your heating unit fails unexpectedly and you need a new heater installation in Spring, TX, you could spend up to five times more than if it were properly maintained.

Get more value for your money – If equipment is in good working order, it’s worth more when you decide to sell. That means if you add up the impending costs of not scheduling heater maintenance and factor this in with what it would cost to get a unit serviced, you may find that getting a service call is a smart investment.

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