Breathing Safely By Being Diligent

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In today’s world, where an invisible virus has halted global economies and shuttered entire cities, we are all very aware of just how hazardous a simple action can be: merely breathing might be lethal. This means that there’s no better time to reach out to a professional air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, in order to keep homes and offices safe and comfortable.

As spring moves into summer and flowers bloom all over Texas, pollen is a powerful trigger for allergies and asthma. Pets shedding their winter coats and mould spores are other unseen threats that can weaken your immune system, exposing you to colds and other more serious diseases. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t affect your health. The most effective protection is to clean and maintain cooling systems through trustworthy contractors that provide AC services in Houston TX. Particularly in major urban hubs like this, it’s important to seek protection against outdoor pollutants such as dust, smoke and smog, which can penetrate even apparently safe areas like homes and workplaces.

Even in smaller towns, experts have estimated that indoor air pollution is anywhere up to ten times worse than outdoor levels. Everyday activities like smoking, cleaning, redecorating or simply enjoying hobbies can release pollutants intermittently, especially in areas with poor ventilation. Symptoms telling you that it’s time to schedule air conditioning services in Spring TX, include dizziness, headaches, nausea, fatigue and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, together with coughing, wheezing, sneezing and itchy eyes.

 Preventing pollution

Whatever the cause, it’s important to eradicate these pollutants as much as possible, which is why you need efficient but cost-effective AC services in Cypress, TX that can identify their sources and improve indoor air quality.

Some situations are easy to fix, like over-generous use of cleaning products and chemicals. Smoking indoors is another cause of toxic pollution that is easily prevented.

Although much of the smell may have vanished from newly redecorated rooms by the time the paint dries, volatile organic compounds (VOC) may still linger, especially in enclosed areas. It’s not surprising that this can give you a crushing headache, as some of these pollutants are known to cause cancer.

New carpeting is a more difficult problem, as vinyl backings and adhesives may off-gas chemicals for months and maybe years. The only solution to this situation is heavy ventilation for several days after installation is completed.

At the same time, you should ensure that air is circulating properly between the indoors and outdoors, as good ventilation offers protection against other health hazards like mold. Your licenced AC contractor will check the air intakes and exhausts in every room, making sure they are dust-free and clear of pollutants.

Professional help

Remember, whenever you need air conditioning service in Cypress, TX or many other towns in Texas, contact Crossway Mechanical at (832) 501-3568 to make your home or office safe again.