When It’s Too Hot In Your Tomball Area Home, Crossway Mechanical Is Here To Help

When you come across issues with your air conditioning system, neglecting to make repairs can lead to other more serious problems down the line. If one component isn’t working like it should, others will have to compensate for that problem and work harder than they normally would. Not only will this cause your system to operate much less efficiently, the higher demands will become apparent on your energy bills each month, especially during the hot Texas summers.

Here are some signs to look out for if you’re concerned that your air conditioning isn’t functioning as well as it should be:

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  • Strange noises coming from the equipment itself or the vents.

  • The equipment appears to be dirty and dusty.

  • The quality of your indoor air seems to be not as clean.

  • The thermostat setting is different than the current temperature in your home.

  • There is visible leakage or cracks on the air conditioner.

  • Some rooms are hotter than others in your home.

Count on Crossway Mechanical for all your AC repair needs!

If you’re noticing any of these red flags in regards to your air conditioning, you definitely need to give Crossway a call. Here are the most common sources of the issues we see while making repairs to our clients’ air conditioning systems:

  • Low Refrigerant

  • Malfunctioning Or Inoperable Outside Fan

  • Outside Unit Is Not Running

  • Frozen Inside Coil

  • Faulty Wiring

  • And More

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Check Our Specials

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Whatever issue is present in your home’s air conditioning unit, Crossway Mechanical is up for the challenge of fixing it. Our professionally trained and licensed technicians will be there to remedy your concerns as quickly and safely as possible. Contact us at 832-250-6191 today to set up an air conditioning repair appointment and beat the heat!


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